Android malware

New Vicious Android Malware Steal Card Details And Make Fake Calls To Your Bank

Number of the Android user have experience this new problems, actually a nasty Android malware is infected to number of the user present in the world. They claim that this new vicious Android malware is making fake calls to their bank and some of that also complains of stealing their bank accounts details and card numbers. The Android.Fakebank.B is not new malware which affects number of user. See more info below on this post.

Android malware

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Android.Fakebank.B is new modified malware which not only steal the users bank details but also redirect a call to the victims bank. The call done to scare the user to change their card pin number which hacker loot in changing process. let us make you clear, this Android malware call on you cell to force you to change your bank card number. When you do so the hacker will steal your card number and loot all the money from your account. This new vicious malware have create lots of problems to the Russian and South Korean users and plus the bank of these country have also face many trouble by this new vicious Android malware. Normally, when a customer calls the customer service number of a registered bank through mobile devices, your call will be transferred to the system of interactive voice response (IVR). By blocking these figures, the creators of malware can stop the victim to ask your bank to cancel the payment cards are stolen options. Malware also gives more time to obtain data from the infected mobile device. Affected users may find other channels, such as email or landlines calls to extend customer service.

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Android malware

As you have seen how the user are affected with this new vicious Android malware. Usually this malware come into the device by download apps from third-party vendors or get infected with any harmful virus which make your device week which allow this nasty malware to get into your system. Which is very important that you always choose a genuine vendors to install the apps, that’s why in Android we have Google play stores. However its not hard to be protected from such type Android malware, all you have to do is to follow some protection rules which is listed below:

  • Always Up-date your apps

  • Make your device up-to-date

  • Always use back-up application to make back-up of the data

  • Check the app permissions while installing any apps

  • Don’t use third-party vendors to install apps

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