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App Of The Week : Try This Latest App Of The Week To Make Your Daily Life Easy

To find app of the week from millions of the apps is not easy. But somehow we manage to find the most popular and useful app of the week that will make your day easy and interesting. Apps make our daily easy and reliable. From productivity applications to games to waste time, expect to see the latest and greatest of our weekly apps. Here are some app that can make your daily life entertaining, interesting and easy.

app of the week

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Google have introduced a new keyboard of the iOS user and named it as Gboard. Recently Google announced the Gboard for iOS and from the day of release it became the favorite app for the iPhone users. The user of smartphone love this app to use so it became app of the week. It has everything you would expect from a great keyboard – GIF, emoji, and Glide Typing – in addition to Google search built in No more switching applications, just search and send from your keyboard. The Gboard app is only for iOS user and Android user will get this on Play Store very soon.

app of the week


Another app of the week is GIPHY Keys. GIPHY Keys is the easiest and fastest way to browse, search and share GIFs on your text messages – right on your keyboard! Not only do you have access to the collection of millions GIPHY GIF files, you can play with our GIPHY special commands to do and discover much more impressive content. It allows you to search for any GIF from within vast database GIPHY, which is also the largest of its kind, and post it instantly into any messaging application that supports sending GIF ( telegrams, Hangouts, iMessage etc. ).

app of the week

Google Translate

All of you aware with Google Translate app. So why we are dealing this app. Recently Google Translate update its app that allows you to translate text from any application. Each time you copy text, Google Translate a bubble appears on the screen. Inside you will find the translation text you just copied. You can choose to listen or you can write text to translate, and then copy the translated text to paste it where you want. Which make it app of the week for Android users.

app of the week

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Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a weather application, so far exclusive to iOS, but now also available on Android. Dark Sky is proud of its hyper-local weather information, which can provide information on weather in the exact place where you are standing. Which make it app of the week. The application may also be required in other forms, such as that tells you exactly when the rain will start and stop. You can also enable notifications rain and severe weather alerts, along with custom alerts. The application is free to try for 24 hours, after which you can register for free to use it for two weeks. Beyond that is a subscription fee of $ 2.99 per year for Android.

app of the week

Leap Day

Leap Day is fun game for the iOS and Android user. It easy and mind refreshing level make it app of the week. You have to just touch the screen to make your character jump and go beyond the traps and enemies on their way to the top. Leap Day is a 2D platform game. The main feature of the game is that you get to play a new level every day, with different traps and various monsters. Leap Day is very interesting game among the Android users. It simple and easy that make to interesting to play.

app of the week

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