10 Best Windows Phone Apps : You Must Try

In spite of the lack of applications, the Windows Store is extending its array of great apps on monthly basis. Now you can find a number of official and alternative applications that are similar or even better than regular culprits for their mobile needs. Behind mobile operating system like Android and iOS, Windows Phone is the last choice for the samrtphone lovers. Here we have selected some best Windows phone apps for, that you must try :

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The Microsoft Corporation develop this Translator app to help you to overcome from the language barrier. Translator is the one of the best Windows phone apps for the travelers, who travel in different countries. You can translate more than 51 language from text and almost 18 language from voice. It also provide a image captured translation feature for the Windows users. And the most important thing is that it is available for free.

Voice Memos


Voice Memos app is available for free for the Windows users. The Creobe Ltd. developed this Voice Memos app to to record audio in your phone while your screen is locked and have the ability of geotag recordings. You are just one click away to start your audio recordings.



OneDrive is best Windows phone apps for the user who love to work from anywhere and anytime. It allow you to save your important documents, files, folders, photos, videos and enable you to share them with anyone from anywhere. You can save, view, share and manage your file from your Windows phone, computer or tablets.

Office Lens


Office Lens is the free app that allow to make and enhance the docs files and picture and make them readable. The Microsoft Crop also enable to save the data in OneNote. Office Lens is the best Windows phone apps allow you to convert Word documents to Powerpoint files and picture to PDF. It seem to have a small scanner in your phone.

Microsoft Remote Desktop


With Microsoft Remote Desktop app you can make a remote connection with your PC and you experience your work from anywhere. It allow you to manage the work and view it from anywhere on your Windows phone. You can access your PC files from anywhere or even if you are away from your PC. This is the one of the best Windows phone apps.

Adobe Reader


The most popular application to view, edit, convert and share PDF files, Adobe Reader lets you view PDF files directly from emails and more. The application also allows you to view password-protected for added security documents, convert DOC, RTF, and easily share files and documents between team members. Adobe Reader is best Windows phone apps and available for free.

CalendarPro Free


The Calendar soft to be quite simple, but often as we use only the best are worth your time. CalendarPro is among the most highly rated programming applications in Windows Phone, which provides an intelligent interface and deep integration with real accounts.



1Password is a directory account and password secure popular that encrypts your entries. The version of Windows Phone, still in public beta at the time of writing, offers a better search, the fastest performance and revised user interface.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt_8_GamescomHere we have selected some best Windows phone apps for, that you must try :


The Asphalt 8: Airborne app is available for free and is one of the best Windows phone apps. You should also know that the Asphalt 8: Airborne is the best racing game app for the smart phone users.With HD graphics and high sound quality it will feel awesome to play. You can perform airborne stunts like 360 degree spin and barrel rolls with almost 140 plus cars.



Dropbox is one of the best Windows phone apps used to save your important photos, videos and even documents anywhere anytime and can be shared easily. The Dropbox provides an enhance experience to save and share the file from all of your device that cloud be phone, computer or even computer. The Dropbox company was founded by two MIT students, Arash Ferdowski and Drew Houston in 2007. Your important files are always safe in the Dropbox app. If some problem occur to your Windows phone your data be always safe in the Dropbox app.

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