Top 10 Android Apps Of The Month

At the present times world is interacting with growth of the mobile technology. The facilities are also increasing rapidly as the numbers of users are increasing day by day. Those days are gone when mobile devices are only uses for making calls and sending message. But In this modern technology they have innumerable uses and can be used as , Music player, Camera, Tablet PC, T.V. Web browser etc. so to fulfill all the user requirement Google has introduces android applications for mobile devices. An Android App is a software program that runs on the Android OS. It is built specially for mobile devices like Smartphone, tablet that runs on the Android OS.

 What’s app messenger

whatsapp messenger

Android apps can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store. Android apps have hit the market since it releases. The popularity of android apps are increasing rapidly around the globe. More and more people are downloading android apps in every minute. It has literally change our life style. There are many android apps are freely downloaded from Google Play store and some of them are also available for purchasing by users. Some of the most popular android apps of all times are what’s app messanger, skype, angry birds, Temple run, Chrome in android, Viber, iMO messenger and many more. With increase in the demand of android Apps the developers of App pushing the wrap everyday trying to amend and heighten our smartphone and tablet experiences. As a matter of fact , so many apps are launched every month which becomes a difficult task to keep a track of them. Thus Here are the top ten android apps of the month that should be install by every user, have a look:

What’s app messenger app is the most popular android app in the world of android. Today everyone is quiet familiar with this app. It is free messaging app available for android and other smartphone. For instant chat to your friends, relatives etc you don’t need to pay any money for every message. infact what’ app uses your mobile internet connectivity such as 4G, 3 G, 2G and Wifi to let you send and receive messages, call, photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages. This amazing app even lets you call to your friends and families for free no matter where ever you are. . There is no subscription fee to use this app.

Latest update says user can also send or receive PDF document easily.

 Facebook Messenger app

As we all Facebook is the world top social networking sites where user can chat with their friends , make new friends, share images, videos and other important notifications on the web. with increase in the demand of android apps facebook has also launched Facebook Messenger app which has earned the popularity in short span of time. This app enable you to have text conversations with your all families and friends on the prominent social network. One can send or receive text messages in conversation and later continue on your PC. The best entertaining features of this app is its sticker collection which can be used which you can use to individualize your conversations.


Duolingo is the perfect apps for those who are desperately wants to learn multiple languages quickly. It is considered as the best language learning app becuase it gets people started on learning languages. If you are a beginner you can start out with this app. This app utilizes the gaming model to teach you a language which inhibits more pressure on the user. User will experience less like studying and more like a game. This app is very user friendly. with clean interface and simple functions make it easy to switch. Any time you can trail your progress and analyze how far along you are able to express in the language. If you want to show your progress in language you can link it with your linked in profile.

 Transit app


Transit app is very very important for everyone. This app will let stay ahead every time and gives you absolutely right transportation schedules. It supports busses, subways, ferries, Uber and lots more. This app will save your time and alerts you if there is any problems occurs regarding your journey. so user can adjust their plans according to their convenience.

 Khan Academy

Khan academy is an educational organizations which is very popular for almost a decade. It provides free courses centered around physics, maths and science. Now it is available on app. You can easily download it from Google play store for free. This apps consist of more than ten thousands videos from entry level math to linear algebra and covers various subjects to basic in advance. Providing such an important content for user who prepares or wants to improve the skills in maths, physics and other subjects, Khan academy android apps works incredibly.

 Link Bubble Browser

Links bubble browser is also another amazing app which is previously paid for app. But now it is completely free to download from Google Play store. It is very popular in the android market due to its one unique feature. It loads webpages in the background quickly and you don’t have wait for longer time for images, and text to appear. Moreover user can utilize this browser share links, or save websites for offline viewing with pocket integration.

Ever Note

If you ever used Google Keep application then surely you are going to love Ever Note android app which is much more enhanced than Google keep. This wonderful apps enables you to save notes, voice memos and files and access them at anywhere and at any point of time on various devices. Ever note is crafted with nice material design makeover so it looks best fecundity tools on android. One can make variety of notes such as regular notes, lists, video notes, audio notes, and combinations of all of them.

Twitter App

Twitter is an also amazing app which comes also in the category of Top ten android apps of the month. This amazing app allows user to connect with people, express their emotions and observe more about all the things you love. Get breaking news and Stay informed with the local and global news that matters to you most, as it happens. You can express yourself with text, photos, emoji, emoticons, video, GIFs and Vines. With the use of hashtags you can find more tweets about what you looking for.

My Fitness Pal

Today every one wants to look slim and healthy. So keeping in mind and fulfill the user requirements MyFitnessPal have hit the android market. It is one of the most popular and best health oriented applications presently. This app is perfect for those who desperately wants to become slim in less time. It consist of wide range of healthy lifestyle requirements including a calorie counting database with over 5,000,000 foods, a recipe importer so you can create your own cookbook, exercise regimes, integration with other apps and personalized recommendations based on your diet or prerequisites.



In the today’s generation it is necessary to learn English. English is required in every aspects of your life. To communicate with the world flawlessly it is very very important to learn English. so keeping in mind Define app launched in the market recently which is really very helpful for everyone. It is also an interesting and important app for those who , have a curious mind and interested to learn more definitions, synonyms etc. There are three types of dictionaries are available Livio, Wordnet and Urban Dictionary that enhance your learning skills. But this app only works if you are only connected to the internet.

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