How To Recover Pictures after Factory Reset on Android

Recover Pictures after Factory Reset on Android

Android is a great operating system, that most of the smartphones company used in their phones as the operating system and day per day Android is becoming more widely used mobile operating system for the latest generation smartphones and tablets. In today’s world everyone has an Android device, which allows Android users to download and install useful applications, record and capture high quality videos and pictures with their friends and family and many more. But even these Android devices are not free from problems such as data corruption and data loss, etc. Generally, factory reset solves many problems, but at the same time erases all data, including vital images from Android phone or tablet. You can easily recover pictures after factory reset on Android.

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What Factory Reset Can Do ?

Recover Pictures after Factory Reset on Android

A factory reset is a complete restoration technique for Android phones to its factory settings. People usually do when your phone stops working, as many as freezing problems can be solved by performing a factory reset. But like the format, Factory Reset will erase all data including your images on Android phone and you have know idea how to recover pictures after factory reset on Android. All data in the internal memory of the device will be erased and return to patek phillipe replica the factory default settings. As a factory reset deletes all data stored on your phone, it should be used with caution. But you need not to worry because you can turn back your images on your Android device, using photo recovery software reliable third party. Besides factory reset, there are other reasons why images are deleted Android device:


  • The data on your Android phone can also be lost if there is any interruption during transfer or move files from your Android phone to your computer or vice versa

  • Accidental deletion of a photo or other media file is one of the most common reasons for data loss on Android phones

  • Sometime ejecting the memory card from your device in irregular manner, or while memory card is in use.

If accidentally you lost your pictures and other saved data from your Android device, you can easily get them back by using Photo Recovery Tool.

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