Now You can send and receive PDF Documents by using WhatsApp

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Those days have gone when the user have to pay amount for sending particular message to their friends and families. With the evolution of Whats app application now user can chat easily to their dearest one without paying any amount. It is a free messaging app that supports all android and other smartphone. It uses your Phone internet connectivity such as 4G, 3G, 2G and Wifi. Today the What app application is very popular and used by millions of people all over the world. This application gaining more and more users day by day since it enables user to chat with your families and friends and even share images, videos and audios and voice messages.

What app application can be easily install in your android smartphone, Windows phone and iPhone. What app application is quiet simple to use. It is very user friendly app.  Any one can easily use this app without putting any effort. When you install this app in your smartphone, it will automatically read the contacts that are saved in the phone book   and it directly saved the contacts in your whats app list. When user need to add some new contacts in their whatapp list simply they have to add the phone number and name of the person in the phone book and refresh the contact what app list. Your new contacts are saved.

Whats app is not only available for texting messages to your loved one’s as a matter of fact now one can also make audio calls to your friends and families which does not cost you money, it is also completely free. This application will save your recent messages no matter your phone is turn off. IN addition you can share your location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, and more!. So considering about all the spectacular features of whatsapp it is one of the best social networking app all over the world.

Today it becomes an integral part of our life. With the increase in the popularity of whatsapp the developer of this app bring new and exciting features from time to time. Recently whats app is updated with the ability to share with friends and coworkers over chat. This new feature supports iPhone, android and othr smartphone. Providing such feature is a an indeed  great idea by the developers of whats app. Using such feature one can easily send or receive PDF documents on Whatsapp. This is really incredible and make our life much comfortable.  you can also send documents to groups. IT helps you to  send the same PDF file to a number of users more quickly and efficiently. However to use this new feature of Whatsapp you need to follow below step to start pdf sharing on your whatsapp.

  •  First and foremost if you are using current version of whatspp which does not support PDF sharing function you have to download a new version from official sit.
  •  After completing the installation of the new version of whatsapp select the person or group on which you have to send file like PDF, DOC and TXT etc.
  •  Now you have to click attach pin like shape from top right corner.
  •  Then you will see that  a document Tab is appear.
  •  Now Click on Document Tab, select file and send.

In this way user can send PDF document to other whats app user easily.

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