My iPhone And iPad Apps Keep Crashing : Fix The Apps Keep Crashing Issue


We all know that iPhone and iPad are the stable smartphones, but sometime some of the apps keep crashing. Many things that can go wrong that make your iPhone and iPad app keep crashing, and most of the time problems arise without reason and without justification. Depending on the underlying cause, the solution could be a simple reboot or something a bit more complicated. It is clear that the smartphones app have changed the way we live, communicate, share, think. However, it is possible that we are ignoring the massive applications have an impact on human behavior throughout our daily lives? A couple of us were curious so we decided to discuss this concept in detail in our podcast. applications that changed our mood, our purchasing behavior, our dating habits and even the way we think about health are discussed.

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It’s an interesting concept to consider. The way we communicate and interact socially is more or less channeled through a millions of mobile app. We all know that iPhone and iPad are the stable smartphones. Unfortunately some of the iPhone And iPad apps keep crashing. The problem of app crashing may be occur at time time of launching of the apps, or sometime it get crashed in middle of the work, or some your phone get some kind of harmful malware. Malware is the noxious device program that will make your device app corrupt and be the reason behind you iPhone and iPad apps keep crashing.


Way To Fix The Apps Keep Crashing Problem On iPad and iPhone

Restart Your iPhone

This is first thing you must do if your apps keep crashing. By long press on the power button you can make your make your iPhone to restart forcedly. The restarting of your iPhone will must resolve many common apps problems. Restarting the iPhone by turning it off and turn it back on is that all memory (RAM) is written to disk and loaded into RAM again when the device is restarted. If the reset force, iPhone or iPad does not load what was charged before, so it is more effective in solving application problems crashing.


Close And Re-Start The Apps

Forcedly closing and the re-starting the apps again is the simplest and quickest way to solve the crashing problems. You can close the apps forcedly and re-start the apps with fresh memory in the simple steps:

  • On Home button of your iPhone or iPad, Double click on it to bring multitasking screen
  • to close the app select it and swipe toward up to close from the running status
  • click on the Home button and re-start the app


Keep Apps Updated

Keeping your apps updated will fix the iPhone and iPad apps keep crashing prblems. The latest update of the comes with many bug fix that will prevent your apps from getting crashed. If your facing the app keep crashing problem you must update your app by following these simple steps:

  • Open your iPhone or iPad App Store applications
  • Touch on the Update tabIf the update of the app is available, then touch on the
  • Update option to make your Up-to-date
  • If somehow still apps keep crashing on your iPhone and iPad they follow the next step


Uninstall It and Make it Install Again From App Store

Uninstalling the apps and reinstalling it again is not a good solution for the user, because all your related data of the app can be get deleted, but it will help to fix the crashing problem. Unistalling the app will clear the app cache and can free some of storage of your device

  • Touch and Hold the app that you wish to uninstall
  • Tap on cross option or x on the app, and the uninstall the application
  • To reinstall the app again, go to App Store find the app and install it again


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