Health App Released By Apple With CareKit

A good news is revealed form the Apple office recently, health app released by Apple with CareKit platform. CareKit health app is developed for the purpose to manage the health status and to provide a good tips to improve the health status of the patient.

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The health app released by Apple will manage the health conditions of the patient. Number of the health app are available in the market for the smartphone user. Apple wants to put his mark on a new ecosystem of treatment programs. Instead of building the application itself, the technology giant has developed a set of software tools and templates, called “CareKit,” a health app released by Apple and new health companies technology can be used to create their own programs. Apple move one step forward in health care app. In order Apple, the move signals the first real step of the company in the field of health care real, as opposed to scientific research or monitoring of simple health. But given that 20 percent of US doctors have not yet begun to use electronic health records, it is unclear what kind of impact will CareKit industry in health care as a whole.

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The first four modules of CareKit apps is released as an open source, it will include –

  • People can track their own action items and health plans by using Care Card

  • It let you measure and record your symptoms by using Symptom and Measurement Tracker

  • It will assists you that how the treatment is working through using Insight Dashboard maps

  • Last you can share your medical conditions with doctors, health care center and to the family members.

Health and wellness app developers are passionate in developing the CareKit apps to monitoring the health status, check the diabetes conditions, manage the mental and maternal health for the Parkinson’s patients.

  • The Texas Medical Center get combined with the Carekit team to develop the health app which provide a supportive guidelines for its 8 millions of patients, that will improve and enhanced the health of peoples

  • To turn mPower ResearchKitâ„¢ the University of Rochester and Sage Bionetworks are adopting this CareKit app to advise the patients about thier health condition

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will provide patients with more insight into their own chronic care management through home health monitoring devices that securely store data in HealthKitâ„¢.

  • To controlling the condition of diabetes One Drop allow the patients for a better approach

  • To guide women about their healthier pregnancy, Glow Inc. Is integrated with CareKit modules as a pregnancy app

  • Start, by Iodine, helps people on antidepressants understand if their medication is working for them or not, and helps their doctors deliver more informed care.


The most important thing remains to be seen is how widely and quickly people will adopted CareKit the health app released by Apple. While many patients may have iPhones, however, some hospitals have become all maintenance of electronic records, and could become a major obstacle.

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