how secure is your smartphone

How Secure Is Your Smartphone ?

Security is the biggest concern fro every smartphone user. You do every thing to keep our smartphone safe and secure from the issues. But the question is that how secure is your smartphone from the trending problems. You realize that to keep our smartphone secure from trending problems like data loss, privacy of data and the most important to keep the smartphone secure from the harmful malware. Recently we have observed numbers of smartphone are in big trouble due to malware attacks. What you can do to make your data and phone secure. Lets check how secure is your smartphone

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Nowadays mobile are not only used to make a phone calls, there is lot more stuff that you can do with your latest smartphone. But the one things always comes in mind that how secure is your smartphone. Well to make make your smartphone secure you try all the possible way. Like lock your system with strong password. Make the backup of your sensitive data, use numbers of security apps to keep malware away from your system. Even the official app stores may suffer from problems. Apple has always prided itself on strong security for its applications, but in September the malware infects up to 4,000 of them in its App Store. Google store has hosted malicious applications as well. They have made it past the antivirus automated system Google, Bouncer, which is designed to scan for new applications for malicious code to do things secretly, how to sign up victims to premium SMS services.

how secure is your smartphone

In 2014, Symantec began experimenting with scanning Android apps for vulnerabilities and privacy issues before being discharged. It found that nearly a third of all digitized applications leak information of the SIM card as the address book details, mobile PIN numbers and call history. Of digitized applications, 13% (about 2 m) sent the number of the user’s mobile phone out the advice device. This is all very useful for people who are trying to protect their phones, but businesses need a more strategic approach. Many of them now face the difficult problem of whether to allow employee-owned devices to connect to their networks and access their data, in a concept known as “bring your own device” (BYOD). Those that do not allow BYOD would have had to assume the cost of providing mobile devices themselves, or simply be non-mobile-friendly society, which puts them at a disadvantage to their competitors.

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Get Microsoft Outlook App On Your iOS & Android & Windows

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available both as a standalone application as well as a part of MS Office. Outlook is a client e-mail and more popular and widespread. Well in previous year Microsoft have decide to launch their Microsoft Outlook as a mailing apps for the iOS and Android user. This help the Outlook user very mush for managing their mails, sending mails, getting important mails. Actually all this can be done on the go with the help of Microsoft Outlook App.

Microsoft Outlook Android, an app that helps millions of users to connect all their e-mail accounts, calendars, and files in one convenient location. Recently redesigned, Outlook for Android allows you to do more from one powerful mailbox. Look, what is most important in the first place with Focused mailbox that keeps important messages at the top. Switching between your e-mail and calendar to schedule your next meeting or to share with the presence of just a few taps. Or take the document from the list of files and attach it to an e-mail without problems. With all that you only need to touch, to manage your busy days now easier than ever. Microsoft Outlook for Android works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Microsoft Outlook

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Outlook data files or a folder of personal storage (PST) is used to store e-mail messages, contacts, notes, tasks, etc. However, PST file largely brittle and damaged due to reasons like ‘Perspectives abrupt shutdown, power failure, viral infections, etc. most corrupt PST file errors rendering time when accessing, sending or receiving e-mail messages. Because of this, it becomes difficult to access the elements of a mailbox from the PST-file. In this situation, there is no need to perform Outlook PST Repair to gain access to the mailbox.

Microsoft Outlook

Meet iOS Outlook application that helps millions of users to connect all their e-mail accounts, calendars and files handy. Recently redesigned iOS Outlook allows you to make more out of the powerful mailbox. Look, what is most important in the first place with Focused mailbox that keeps important messages at the top. Microsoft Outlook switch between e-mail and calendar to schedule your next meeting or availability of stock with a few taps. Or take the file from the document and attach it to an email message without any problems. With all that you need with just one click, the management of fishing days large turnout is now easier than ever. Prospects for iOS works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, including Hotmail and MSN, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.

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malware in Android

Windows Phone User Are Facing Trouble With Windows Shellshock bug Trojan virus

Shellshock bug Trojan virus

Virus the most dangerous word in the world either its about human or computer. The word is enough to scare you. Human virus or Computer virus have the same impacts, they totally destroy the whole function of Human system or Computer system. However its good to know that every virus have their cure. Here we are talking about Windows Shellshock bug Trojan virus that recently start affecting Windows Phone user. Lots of Windows Phone user are infected with this PC Shellshock bug Trojan virus. You are thinking that Virus in Windows Phone that’s impossible. Microsoft says that their Windows Phone are totally protected from all type of threats. It true, Windows Phone are virus free but not Windows PC are protected.

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Shellshock bug Trojan virus

However there are many reason that a Windows Phone user get infected with Shellshock bug Trojan virus. Trojan virus is the most dangerous categories of virus among all. The Trojan virus go deep inside the computer system and stuck with system files till your hole system start reacting abruptly. It not too difficult to remove this Shellshock bug Trojan virus from your Windows PC and to protect your Windows Phone from getting touched with this harmful Shellshock bug Trojan virus. In today world the most biggest problem with people is virus. All the virus are strong enough to corrupt your saved files and folder.

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Talking about Shellshock bug Trojan virus, from its name its clear this is a Trojan virus. And we are all aware from the harmful impacts of Trojan virus. If one don’t know what is Trojan virus and what it can do to your Windows PC or any other OS. Trojan virus stuck deep inside your system registry and start replicate itself throughout whole system. Shellshock bug Trojan virus are designed and managed by the nasty cyber criminals. “Cyber Criminals” yes you heard right this cyber crook are well trained to hack you PC and steal your private confidential data. And to blackmail you to earn money. You must protect your system from harmful virus attacks.

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Shellshock bug Trojan virus

Interact, Share & Enjoy With These Best Social Media App

We all know that how the social media app changes our life style. In this busy world the social media app help us to be in contact with friends and family no matter where we are or what we do. Because of the social networking applications, which has never been easier to communicate with friends we can now get in touch with them easier and faster. Many of the best social media apps are out there for a while, but as smartphones get smarter, so requests, and you can now than ever before. So here we describe some of the best social media app that help you to get in touch with your family and friends.

best social media app

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Kik messenger allow to chat with your friends and family from across the world. Kik is much more than a simple messaging app. It is the easiest way to connect with friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through the chat. No phone numbers is required to, just pick a username and start sharing images and video with your friends. This best social media app gives one to one chat feature and group chat to connect with the friend of similar interest from across the globe. And is available for free for the smartphone like Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

best social media app

WhatsApp Messenger

The most popular and the best social media app allow to connect with your family members and friends. More than 900 millions of the user are using this social media app for sharing images, messages, video and much more with their loved one. WhatsApp Messenger is free social media app for all the smartphone platform that could be iOS or Android or Windows Phone. The most interesting feature introduce in WhatsApp Messenger is a free calling feature that allow you to call your friends and family in free of cost only the data charge will apply.

best social media app


Facebook the best social media app bring all the friends and family in one place. It the most popular social media app around the world. We all know that how Facebook have change the social world and not need to describe what it is. The all in one app is available for all the smartphone that could be iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. That allow you to share videos, photos, status, play games and many more. Mark Zuckerberg launch the Facebook app in 2004 and from the day to till now it have millions of users. This application make contact with your friends in fast and easy way.

best social media app

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Messenger lets you use the messaging feature of Facebook without having to start your browser. The application makes communicating with your Facebook contacts quickly and easily. The one of best social media app is available for all samartphone user either it Windows user or Android user or iPhone users. Your contacts are displayed in a list and all you have to do is click one to start a conversation. The application also sends notifications to your device when you have received a message from one of your contacts. instantly reach people in your life, for free. Messenger is just like texting, but you do not have to pay for every message it works on your data plan.

best social media app


Snapchat is a fun messaging app. You can take a photo or video with him, then add a title or scribbling or drawing of the lens on the top, and send it to a friend. You can add it to your story, a collection of 24 hours of your photos and videos, that it broadcast to the world or just their followers. Snapchat is unique in that all the photos and videos only last a short period of time before they disappear forever, so the application of ephemeral nature, although you can make a Snapshot to save as an image. From May 2014, the application users sent 700 million snaps a day.

best social media app

Tango – Free Video Call & Chat

Keeping in touch with people you care about. Tango is the messaging application with the best video call. All messages and calls are free. This best social media app is used by the over 350 million people. Sending and receiving text messages, photos, stickers, videos, and audio messages and location Tango for free. You make voice calls and video calls anywhere in the world for free. The tango is the first and best video calling application for your Android, iPhone and Windows phones, so you can always call people who are important to you anywhere in the world. Hear his voice and see your face with the best quality, all for free.

best social media app

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5 Security Apps For Windows Phones : You Must Have

5 Best Security Apps For Windows Phones


Now a days the Microsoft corporation are looking to improve their Windows Phone facility to provide the user a better smartphone. We all know that there is still huge app gap in Windows Phone consider to Android and iOS. But its not far that the Microsoft corporation will fill this app gap with the tremendous of new features in recently released Windows 10 OS fro windows phones.

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Window Phones is not so popular yet as regarding to Android and iOS, but it not means that the window user are protected from harmful spyware or malware virus. The spyware or malware virus will also corrupt your windows phones apps. Spyware is any technology that assists in collecting information about a person or organization without their notice. You must remove spyware from your device. To protect your Windows Phone from harmful spyware you need some security apps. Here are the 5 most popular security apps that will protect your Windows phones from spyware and from getting theft.


Password Hide


This free security apps for Windows phones is programmed to save and store the username or ID and pass-code or password. Password Hide app store your vital password and IDs in encrypted form by using 256bit AED algorithm.

Anti Theft Alarm

anti-theft-alarmA mobile phone can be neglected irresistibly tempting for others to invade your life. No matter you are going to use the phone and how, while you do not keep an eye on him. If you are parents who are interested in his personal life, his friends decided to play a joke on you, or a thief who decided to take advantage of a phone unattended. Anti Theft Alarm the best security apps for Windows phones and is also available for free.

REVE Antivirus

17181965REVE Antivirus will protect your windows phone from nasty spyware virus and from other harmful virus. REVE Antivirus is important security apps for Windows phones and is also available for free. It provide a live notification feature that whenever the user visit on the web sites is malicous or not.

VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited offers a number of security options. Do you need to protect all your online icon350x350activities? Would you like to have access to the entire territory restricted content and web surfing anonymous? Do you believe that each access point WiFi Internet access requires additional protection? Is it necessary to ensure 100% of your online security? VPN Unlimited you can do any of the above options. It is security apps for Windows phones that provide the feature like Encrypted, Secure & Private Internet Connection for Anonymous Web Surfing.


apps.10020.13510798886633156.05993428-9792-40c1-8274-1b2b9d1d1062.7134ebe5-853d-470f-8bfd-b14304438c03Sentinelle allows you to ask your friends to walk home safely. They will be able to see your position in real time and get care if something bad is happening. If you are late, if there is a turn of your trip or if you are running low battery, your friends will be notified within one second. They will be asked to contact you to make sure all is well. They do not stay home alone more.


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10 Best Windows Phone Apps : You Must Try

In spite of the lack of applications, the Windows Store is extending its array of great apps on monthly basis. Now you can find a number of official and alternative applications that are similar or even better than regular culprits for their mobile needs. Behind mobile operating system like Android and iOS, Windows Phone is the last choice for the samrtphone lovers. Here we have selected some best Windows phone apps for, that you must try :

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The Microsoft Corporation develop this Translator app to help you to overcome from the language barrier. Translator is the one of the best Windows phone apps for the travelers, who travel in different countries. You can translate more than 51 language from text and almost 18 language from voice. It also provide a image captured translation feature for the Windows users. And the most important thing is that it is available for free.

Voice Memos


Voice Memos app is available for free for the Windows users. The Creobe Ltd. developed this Voice Memos app to to record audio in your phone while your screen is locked and have the ability of geotag recordings. You are just one click away to start your audio recordings.



OneDrive is best Windows phone apps for the user who love to work from anywhere and anytime. It allow you to save your important documents, files, folders, photos, videos and enable you to share them with anyone from anywhere. You can save, view, share and manage your file from your Windows phone, computer or tablets.

Office Lens


Office Lens is the free app that allow to make and enhance the docs files and picture and make them readable. The Microsoft Crop also enable to save the data in OneNote. Office Lens is the best Windows phone apps allow you to convert Word documents to Powerpoint files and picture to PDF. It seem to have a small scanner in your phone.

Microsoft Remote Desktop


With Microsoft Remote Desktop app you can make a remote connection with your PC and you experience your work from anywhere. It allow you to manage the work and view it from anywhere on your Windows phone. You can access your PC files from anywhere or even if you are away from your PC. This is the one of the best Windows phone apps.

Adobe Reader


The most popular application to view, edit, convert and share PDF files, Adobe Reader lets you view PDF files directly from emails and more. The application also allows you to view password-protected for added security documents, convert DOC, RTF, and easily share files and documents between team members. Adobe Reader is best Windows phone apps and available for free.

CalendarPro Free


The Calendar soft to be quite simple, but often as we use only the best are worth your time. CalendarPro is among the most highly rated programming applications in Windows Phone, which provides an intelligent interface and deep integration with real accounts.



1Password is a directory account and password secure popular that encrypts your entries. The version of Windows Phone, still in public beta at the time of writing, offers a better search, the fastest performance and revised user interface.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt_8_GamescomHere we have selected some best Windows phone apps for, that you must try :


The Asphalt 8: Airborne app is available for free and is one of the best Windows phone apps. You should also know that the Asphalt 8: Airborne is the best racing game app for the smart phone users.With HD graphics and high sound quality it will feel awesome to play. You can perform airborne stunts like 360 degree spin and barrel rolls with almost 140 plus cars.



Dropbox is one of the best Windows phone apps used to save your important photos, videos and even documents anywhere anytime and can be shared easily. The Dropbox provides an enhance experience to save and share the file from all of your device that cloud be phone, computer or even computer. The Dropbox company was founded by two MIT students, Arash Ferdowski and Drew Houston in 2007. Your important files are always safe in the Dropbox app. If some problem occur to your Windows phone your data be always safe in the Dropbox app.

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Windows Phone Get Virus

Windows Phone Get Virus


Windows Phone is a mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft for smartphones. Windows Phone has a new user interface design language derived Metro. It’s like going to a highly authoritarian country. It is subjected to a control DNA and land on its soil. You can not go around buying things as much as you want. The government exercises strict control over your finances and your living space. You can not leave your things around. All that “owner” can only be kept at home or in person. It is not allowed to talk to any other citizen. He was shot at sight if it gets caught peeking into other houses. You can talk to government officials authorized to meet their needs and is always quite awkward. You can imagine how difficult it will start a revolution or a bomb in a country.

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There are several back doors for direct use of some of the resources of performance reasons, but are highly rated and exclusive use of the system developers. Malware, short for malicious software of any type of computer code that is intended to cause damage to a computer system or data in it. A virus is a type of malware, but other types, including built-in programs that could install themselves or that may exist on certain websites that may request access to your personal information for nefarious purposes code. If you are using one of the other models, again something you download from the store of Nokia have been checked, but when downloading applications from other places that would be well advised to choose software from trusted sources only. Applications may need access to your personal data in order to function, for example, a chat application may need access to your contacts, an application that offers services based on where you are need to know your GPS location, et cetera; and you want to be sure that dishonest applications developers are not making improper use of the data.


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The only way to get the virus (which could look like a program) for Windows Phone is through a catalog, which verifies the digital signature before installation, even if it is loading the page. Once installed, the program can not be connected to the processor indefinitely, because the operating system has a tight control over the resources of the CPU (it makes writing applications with high performance for Windows Mobile very difficult). Same for RAM. The program can not go filling the file system, because even if it does, can only fill your “container” that the operating system can be removed at any time. I can not use data from another program or have some sort of access to the case. The only ones that may be available are application photos, contacts, etc. is authorized by the user (which the exemption is an application photos, sharing photos on WhatsApp) each time it is used.

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Windows Phone started life as a promising alternative to Android and iOS five years ago. Microsoft places its range of terminals Windows Phone 7 as the true third mobile ecosystem, but it is time to admit that failed. If the laWindows8-1-Virus-Malware_w_600ck of devices phone manufacturers and even Microsoft itself there was insufficient evidence, the final nail in the coffin hit today Computer viruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from one infected computer to another computer to infect it without the knowledge of users and to interfere with. Malware is software that is designed specifically to access or damage a computer without the owner’s knowledge. There are several types of malware, including spyware, true viruses, keyloggers, true viruses, worms, or any type of malicious code that infiltrates a computer. Overall, the software is considered as harmful malware based on the intent of the creator rather than its actual characteristics. the creation of malware is increasing due to the large number of new types created daily and the attraction of money that can be done through the Internet organized crime. The malware was originally created as experiments and mischief, but eventually resulted in vandalism and destruction of specific machines.

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WhatsApp Provide end-to-end encryption

end-to-end encryption

From day one WhatsApp make the promise to keep the message easy and secure for WhatsApp user’s. WhatsApp is a mobile app which provide free service to interact with your loved one. WhatsApp allow you to share text message, video, photos, PDF and even you can call your families, friend, co-workers, your loved one. Over millions of the user around the world are using this social networking app to keep in touch with tier loved ones. WhatsApp always provide a safety and security for their user, and recently WhatsApp upgrade their apps to became more secure and reliable. In this latest update WhatsApp added some new emoj and fix some bug and most important thing it provide end-to-end encryption for their user. WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app available for smarthphones like Android, iPhone, Windows. It uses your phone’s data connection to let you message and call friends and family. Now your message is truly secure with end-to-end encryption. It will keep your message, call, photos, PDF, videos secure from getting in wrong hand. WhatsApp always gives the priority to make the message and calls of the user safe and secure.

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End-To-End Encryption Security For WhatsApp

end-to-end encryption

To provide a secure service to millions of the user’s across the world in not an easy work. The first and the most important priority for the WhatsApp is to keep your message and call secure. So that WhatsApp bring a new concept end-to-end encryption to make your message and call more secure than before. With this security feature your message, call, files, photos, videos and even group chat has been secure. WhatsApp end-to-end encryption is available when you and people who use the message of the latest versions of our application. Many messaging applications only messages between you and them is encrypted, but the encryption end to end WhatsApp ensures that only you and the person you are communicating with can read what is sent, and no one in the middle, or even WhatsApp. This is because their messages are secured with a lock, and only the recipient and you have the special key is needed to unlock and read. For added protection, each message you send has its own lock and key only. All this happens automatically: no need to activate the configuration or creating special secret talks to ensure their messages.

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end-to-end encryptionJan Koum Say that “Our WhatsApp team have been working over the last two years to provide WhatsApp user’s across the a better security during the message and calls in WhatsApp … People deserve security and to make their message and call secure is our first priority. This will makes possible to connect with their loves ones. This gives us the confidence to say what we think. We are authorized to transmit sensitive information with colleagues, friends and others. We are happy to do our part to keep information from people out of the hands of hackers and cyber criminals”

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end-to-end encryption

It is now simple that your message, calls, photos, videos, files which you sent or received are now secure with end-to-end encryption. That means no one else can see your message what you sent and what you get received. Not the cyber criminals, nor the hackers, not the security branch and not even the WhatsApp can see your message. This is a better way to provide a secure and reliable service for the WhatsApp user’s using the WhatsApp messenger across the world.

New Windows 10 Mobile With Messaging Everywhere And Cortana In More Languages : Latest Preview Released By Microsoft

Windows 10

Microsoft release the new features for Windows 10 mobile “Messaging Everywhere” and new Cortana feature in more languages. Previous year Microsoft launched their new operating system for samrtphone as well as for computer system. Windows 10 Mobile is Microsoft’s first attempt to unify their desktop, tablet and phone operating on a single operating system. As such, Windows 10 on shares of phone many of the same features as its desktop version, including the same core, interface elements, menus, settings, and even Cortana. Continuum will also support in some new smartphones, which allows an experience similar to connect the phone to an external monitor desktop. It was released as an opt-in Technical Preview 2 (build 9941) on February 12, 2015 for a subset of current mobile Lumia, including the Lumia 635, Lumia 730 and Lumia 830. Since then it has expanded to include almost entire current range Lumia.

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What’s New In Windows 10

It’s been a long time you have – more than a year – from Microsoft announces Windows 10 for mobile devices, but upgrading is finally seeing daylight. The update, which offers features such as Continuum and Windows Hi, is officially rolling out to select the Windows Phone 8.1 devices. A new version of the Mobile Office suite, Office for Windows 10, is also included. Based on the Android and iOS versions of Office Mobile, introducing a new user interface with a variation of the toolbar of the tape used by the desktop version, and a new mobile version of Outlook. Outlook uses the same rendering engine that the desktop version of Windows Microsoft Word. Edge replaces Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile as the default web browser.

Windows 10

Now Talking about Microsoft new features like Messaging Everywhere and Cortana in multi languages.

Messaging Everywhere

In this new “Messaging Everywhere” Microsoft allow their user to send and receive the text message directly from their phone or from their Windows 10 PC. You can use this new preview feature you have create a new Microsoft Account or sign in as with the present Microsoft Account. To enable in you mobile you have open the settings option and in settings option select Messaging Everywhere section to enable it. While to enable this in your PC you make sure that you have chosen right phone to send or receive the message. Go to Messaging app settings in your PC and enable Messaging Everywhere option.

Windows 10

Cortana In More Language

Microsoft added Cortana for Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico), and French (Canada) languages for Windows 10 mobile. Cortana will help you find things on your PC, manage your track packages, calendar, find files, chat with you, and tell jokes. The more Cortana is used, it will be more personalized experience. To use this feature, all you have to just launch the Cortana service in your Windows phone. For these languages the voice input is also available.

Windows 10

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Some Issues Is Fixed For Windows Mobile
  • Language and Speech packs problem is fixed now you can download it

  • Keyword problem is also fixed, now there is no problem while using the keyword

  • The launching problem with the apps like Facebook Messenger, UC Browser, Transfer My Data and WeChat is fixed.

  • It fixed an issue where diverse emoji could not be deleted in the text box in an interactive notification.

  • It fixed an issue where tethering via Bluetooth would not work if Bluetooth had never been on before.

  • Fixed issue where in some cases the screen of your phone can not start and stop responding and Windows Hi stops working if you used the power button to lock / unlock the phone quickly.

  • It updated the logic of automatic correction, which can now abort an automatic correction by clicking on the word in bold.

  • Updating the screen look so it does not reflect Accessible text scale.

  • We have corrected an issue via Bluetooth tethering would not work if Bluetooth had never been on before.

  • We have updated the logic of automatic correction so that if you have a word that is about to automatically correct, clicking on the word you just typed now will stop the AutoCorrect happen.

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Recover Your Lost Image From iOS, Android and Windows Phones

Recover-FilesWe all know that how smartphones have changed our life. We can do almost everything in just one touch like online shopping, watch movies, play games, take selfie and images of our loved ones, or our daily routine work, almost everything of daily life. People love to capture picture of their loved one to keep it safe as a memorable moment. Unfortunately your saved image get lost and you don’t know how to recover your lost image from iOS, Android and Windows Phones, but don’t worry here you can get complete solution.

People love to take selfie no matter which phones they are using, if they use iPhone or Android or either Windows phone. Well iPhone is known for its HD camera quality and huge storage capacity that user love to take picture and save it in his/her device. But somehow your saved photo can be get lost from your iPhone or any samartphone like Android or Windows phones and you want to  recover your lost image from iOS, Android and Windows Phones. The iPhone user can use iCloud  and iTune to backup their photo and other important files.  For more info :


Android the most used operating system in smartphones. The Android smartphone comes with high quality of camera in which people like to take selfie with their loved one. Talking about the Windows phone it give tough competition to Android phones in camera quality. People generally save the image of other important files in their phones without knowing that it can be get lost or corrupt or even get deleted from some unfortunate reasons. The Android user can backup their saved files and photo in Google Drive. In the same way Windows user can also make a backup of their important files, photo, videos in OneDrive. Its easy to do backup of your file in Google Drive.
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Your saved images, important file and videos can get lost from your phones, no matter which phone you are using, it can get lost from iPhone, Android or either from Windows phone by some unfortunate reasons and you want to recover your lost image from iOS, Android and Windows Phones than click on below link .