best Android widget

7 best Android widget to Customize your Phone

best Android widget

Widget app is an advance and unique feature on Android phones, other mobile operating systems do not offer them at all. If you are unsure of what a widget, it is a shortcut to access the basic functions of an application. Some widgets display the weather or climate, while others calendar appointments, battery information is displayed, or let you pose a digital pet. Android widget have been around for a long time on Android and we have no doubt that you have used a few of the best Android widget in his time. As Android has evolved, so too they have the widgets and now most of them are re-considerable and some of them even can be customized. So here we discuss on some of the best Android widget that you must try.

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Customize your phone with these best Android widget

Amber Weather Widget

The choice of the first widget in this list was not exactly easy, but I have to say that is worth Amber Weather Widget first place. While you will be forgiven for thinking it’s just another widget, trust me when I say that you can really change your experience of Android and you hooked from the first time you use it. Amber Weather Widget is your best personal weather station that provides current weather for today and daily and hourly based on your current location or anywhere in the world weather forecasts. Amber Time not only offers real-time predictions, but also comes with different features to customize the desired time.

best Android widget

Dashclock Widget

Dashclock Widget is one of the most durable Android widgets there. Even people who stopped using widgets to continue using Dashclock. It is a simple clear widget, which displays information such as time, unread Gmail counts, the next alarm, and other data. With them, the widget also gives you several panels for the lock screen, allowing you to create a home screen class before going to the actual start screen. We must say that Dashclock Widget is one of the best Android widget app. However, there are plenty personalization options, also includes widget general appearance and the information you want to display.

best Android widget

Google Keep

Google Keep widget is third on my list and my startup screen can not do without it. While the application itself works great for taking quick notes, image storage and creating to-do lists, the widget is an essential feature. Google Keep is a simple and effective note-taking application that connects directly to Google Drive. With it, you can take text notes, memo list, voice memos and even if desired. It also gives you the option to share notes with others and collaborate. We must say this is the best Android widget that will fit on every Android home screen. However, if you want a good player quick notes, reminders and to-do lists on your phone or tablet Android, Google Keep must try.

best Android widget

Power Toggles

Alternative able to do exactly what the name of the application says it does. It provides plenty of alternates to manage its various modes, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data, flashlight, and you can even add your own custom application shortcut if desired. That make this Power Toggles one of the best Android widget. The widget is customizable and you can choose from about 40 different alternating with shortcuts applications and systems for quick access. While all the settings are easily accessible through the notification bar on your home screen, having this widget can save a lot of time and a few strokes and taps.

best Android widget

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Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget a new level of customization offered your Android phone or tablet and can lead to some home screens epic aspect. You can install tons of different templates and create your own personal custom widgets with different heads of information such as system information, weather information, calendar, connection information and time. With lots of advanced feature Zooper Widget is one the best Android widget app that is suit on the Android home screen. Besides that, Zooper Widget release their creations to the public which can then be used to customize if you have no desire to make his own. It can be very fun to use and it’s definitely worth a shot. There are free and paid versions, but the features are free enough to excite anyone with the possibilities.

best Android widget


This power packed Tasker widget app give lots of feture to use that make Tasker best Android widget. Tasker for Android perform some set of tasks that based on your location, time, date, gesture and events. Tasker is designed for power users and can do nearlly anything in anytime. It is an application that was designed for trotters and advanced users, but anyone can get into it with a little patience. The learning curve is steep and pitiless, so do not expect to just pick up and run with it right away. The powerful feature make it the best Android widget app that is clickable on the user home screen.

best Android widget

Battery HD

Everyone want a better battery life on their Android phone. Well there are some of the battery widget available on Google Play that you can install it on your Android device. Battery HD is one of them and the  best Android widget that you will find on Google Play Store. Battery HD widget is the perfect way to monitor your battery performance on Android device. This provide a full chart of your battery life on your device home screen. The widget app is powered to display stats, battery usage, charts and even notify you about battery estimated time. With lots of more function on this widget app save your device battery life and let your Android phone stay active for long time.

best Android widget

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